11/14/19: This short article alongside other articles were written from the inspiration I’d gain from the images I’ve captured. I love to look deep into the world of the introspective being we all harbor, and writing my thoughts on the manner has been a great outlet to explore a deeper part of myself. I will be posting these articles in between my travel blogs, so sit back and enjoy. Thank you for your time and take care.

The creative entities that laid the landscape we explore fabricated their vision from the bedrock of their predecessors. The foundation establishes the guideline for the future light of consciousnesses to pursue. The beautiful course that the artistic mindset holds is the ability to harness the energy to continue the progress that’s left behind. As time takes its course through our plane of existence, the development of the artifacts generations before constructed evolve into a manifestation within our conscious headspace. In the various perceptions, we perceive what correlates to our attention, and continue the journey another has left for us to discover.

The pathway towards my creative-self didn’t present itself until later in my adolescent life. I didn’t comprehend the magnitude of the decision I was making as I continued to indulge in the concept of becoming an entity that I later realized stood further from my grasp than I initially thought. My trials of attaining an understanding of what I needed to accomplish became apparent at the beginning of my adulthood. The reality of establishing the foundation of self-sustainment within the structure of society placed the tone of the level of dedication, mindfulness, and experience I needed to fulfill the journey laying within me. The challenges I encountered molded the subconscious infrastructure that’s created the conduits to where I’m writing these words which your reading right now.

The teachers that have walked the path before us hold a plentiful bounty of knowledge for the successors to learn. As creative beings, we must take advantage of the beauty that surrounds our landscapes, and within ourselves. The energy we encompass deserves to see the plane of existence we all share. The gift that lays within your grasp is waiting for your heart and mind to coincide and become one. The commitment is immense, the struggles and instances of adversities are authentic. Mistakes will occur, so will opportunities to grow. The sheer importance of realizing your calling rest of the finite resource we call time. There’s no way to make more of it, and it passes through our light of consciousness as quickly as the breath that escapes from our lungs. Learn from the generations that lived before us, and utilize the knowledge you gain in creating the journey you want to pursue.

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