11/28/19: This short article alongside other articles were written from the inspiration I’d gain from the images I’ve captured. I love to look deep into the world of the introspective being we all harbor, and writing my thoughts on the manner has been a great outlet to explore a deeper part of myself. I will be posting these articles in between my travel blogs, so sit back and enjoy. Thank you for your time and take care.

The creation of the light of consciousness and the landscape that surrounds it is a marvel to behold. Beyond the perception we conceive, the imagination embedded within our neurological infrastructure urges our intuition to explore the horizons facing each of our journeys. We as an entity of evolution have gone through various periods of adversity and achievements which has created the bedrock of our creative endeavors to flourish. The story of life on this planet is an astronomical tale that in itself brings value to the existential beings that walk along the course of progression towards gaining purpose as time maintains it’s the effect on our finite state of survival.

When I look at all the beauty that creates the serenity in my present headspace, the emotional connection and cognitive information I receive becomes an indispensable source of inspiration and validation for the journey I decided to partake. The capacity of comprehending what’s in front of you at the moment you acknowledge its presence is a skillset I put a deal of focus to embrace wholeheartedly. Some of our mental conditions are occupied with all the noise our society imposes on us. We try to take the initiative to enforce control and moderation to the volume of information we consume, but the threshold we enable can get lost in the perception of seeking knowledge. The act of engaging curiosity is a gift we are blessed to utilize; it’s been one of the vital drivers for our story to continue. There is a time to expend energy towards the unknown, and then there are moments where we must stop and immerse ourselves in the present and capture the essence of what life means to each and everyone one of us.

With each step that you take throughout your finite moments on this earth, make it a priority to recognize that you are alive in this beautiful period. The legacy our predecessors have left behind is an opportunity for our imaginations to ignite in aspiration in search of what we want to achieve. The light of consciousness encompasses the natural tendency of wanting to understand more what makes us the entities we have become. To view the meaning of purpose in each of our journeys requires moments of introspection and mindfulness that need our focus to center towards the present time. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you, and take the time to remember the experiences you’ll have as you continue the journey that’s waiting for you to discover.

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