11/23/19: This short article alongside other articles were written from the inspiration I’d gain from the images I’ve captured. I love to look deep into the world of the introspective being we all harbor, and writing my thoughts on the manner has been a great outlet to explore a deeper part of myself. I will be posting these articles in between my travel blogs, so sit back and enjoy. Thank you for your time and take care.

In the journey of the light of consciousness, the landscape that lays facing us goes far and wide. The distance between your present stance and the beacon of accomplishment and self-fulfillment can be a lifetime away to reach. Realizations of this perception are difficult to conceptualize when we acknowledge the concept of the finite resource of time slowly dissipates from our hands. Instinctively we react in the manner of immediate action to acquire rapid results. The reality is we need to understand it takes extended periods of time to cultivate and exercise the necessary tools required to attain the objectives we want to reach.

My journey of pursuing my creative-self began with the notion of being able to produce the thoughts that were coursing through my mindset into an entity I could interact in my plane of existence. The perception of fabricating a piece of myself in an artistic formation was immensely inspiring. My knowledge of utilizing the tools needed to create my interpretation of art was minimal; I had little experience with coordinating my mind to work in unison with my body to produce the tones I wanted to have control over. The only choice I had was to place a considerable amount of my focus and discipline of my personal time to orchestrate all the required functions to convey energy into matter. The effort put into my practice became the stepping stone towards the first step in my journey. As time moved on, so did my intention of attempting to gain results in a less than optimal manner. I eventually realized that I needed the countless hours of concentrating on my craft to recognize the nature of my trajectory throughout my journey. With this concept developed in my mindset, the progression of self-fulfillment could continue to grow, bringing me closer to the horizon I’ve been searching for.

Recognize that time well devoted to your craft is time well invested in you. Don’t overcome your mindset to perceive that time is against you. The progression will take it’s course accordingly. We all have various degrees of pace in regard to learning and methods of retaining the knowledge which will provide the tools to further our personal growth. Work within the confines of your mental landscape, and don’t overstep the boundaries of its threshold. Take your time, enjoy the experience of mastering knowledge, and use it to your advantage as you continue your journey. Yes, time is of the essence, but if it’s well invested, then that’s all we can ask for.

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