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Revision: June 5, 2019

We want Eruditely to be a safe, secure, and enriching environment that fulfills the mission of the Platform; to empower our members through knowledge and learning. In order to achieve that goal, we must all be willing to follow a reasonable code of conduct. These Community Guidelines are our code of conduct (also known as an Acceptable Use Policy), and they exist to ensure that all our members treat the Platform and all other members with great respect and integrity.

Any capitalized terms that are not defined in these Community Guidelines have the meaning as defined in our Terms of Service, which incorporates these guidelines by reference into its terms.

Please read these Community Guidelines carefully before choosing to use Eruditely. If you have any questions pertaining to these Community Guidelines, please ask us by contacting

1. Our Mission

Our mission is simple; to make the world a better place through knowledge and learning, and by providing our members with the tools they need to learn from each other. We believe that everyone possesses knowledge worth sharing, and that everyone can benefit from receiving such knowledge. Our responsibility is therefore to facilitate and empower our members to come together around areas of knowledge and interest. It is our mission to achieve this ambitious goal, passionately, responsibly, and with great integrity.

2. Our Policies

We have taken great care to write thorough and informative policies to protect the Platform and all of our members. These policies include our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Copyright Policy, Trademark Policy, these Community Guidelines, and all of our Policies and Guidelines. We do on occasion make amendments to these policies and will always notify you when an amendment is material. Please take the time to read these policies and understand how they relate to you and your use of Eruditely. You can view all of our policies at any time on the Policies and Guidelines page.

3. Safety and Conduct

Our team is always working to ensure that Eruditely is a safe environment, and that all members conduct themselves responsibly and with respect for one another. Please be aware that we may censor the activity of any member and/or delete their account, at our sole discretion and without limitation, when they are endangering the safety and/or well-being of another person(s).

To report safety and conduct concerns please contact:

a. Respect and Dignity

Demonstrating respect and dignity is the foundation of our code of conduct, and it is expected of all members at all levels. This includes showing respect and dignity for yourself, all other members of Eruditely, the public, and for the Platform.

b. Minimum Age

If you’re under the age of thirteen (13), you may not use or access Eruditely under any circumstances. By using or accessing Eruditely you represent and warrant that you are at least the age of majority in the jurisdiction where you live. If you are under the age of majority your parent or legal guardian must consent to our Terms of Service, confirm that they accept the Terms of Service on your behalf, and assume full responsibility for your use of the Service.

c. Your Rights and the Rights of Others

We respect the intellectual property rights and other rights of all people and expect our members to do the same. When you use Eruditely it is your responsibility to be aware of your rights and the rights of others. Respect the rights of others at all times when using Eruditely. Our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and other Policies and Guidelines discuss intellectual property rights and other rights in great detail. We highly recommend that you read all of our policies so that you have a complete understanding of your rights and the rights of others when using Eruditely.

d. Constructive Conversations

Eruditely is a place of knowledge, learning, and constructive conversations. In order to learn from one another we must first listen to each other and respond intelligently. People will not always agree on every subject, and that would not be productive in a learning environment. It is perfectly ok to disagree, to state your opinion, and be critical of another person’s comments. However, when speaking your mind please do so with respect for other people and try to strike a tone that promotes constructive conversations.

e. Aggressive and Threatening Behavior

Aggressive and/or threatening behavior against any person(s) is not tolerated on Eruditely and will merit immediate deletion of your account. This includes threats that are direct or implied. You should always consider how your words and actions are interpreted and felt by other people. If you believe that saying something may make another person feel uncomfortable or threatened, do not say it! While it is perfectly fine to state your opinions (even critical ones), please always do so kindly and constructively.

f. Bullying and Harassment

Bully and harassment of any kind is strictly forbidden. Eruditely is a community, and community means caring about your peers and treating them with respect. Please consider that continuously contacting another person even when your intentions may be good can be interpreted as a form of harassment. If we find that you are intentionally bullying or harassing another member or any person in the public through Eruditely, we will delete your account without hesitation.

g. Trolling

We do not tolerate trolling on Eruditely. Eruditely is a community based on fostering knowledge and intelligent conversation. We want conversations on Eruditely to be stimulating and at times provocative. But this does not mean purposefully entering conversations to stir decent and create chaos. If you troll on Eruditely your offending comments will be deleted, and we may decide to delete your account if you are a repeat offender.

h. Hate Speech

Eruditely is a place of enlightenment, and hate speech is the antithesis of our mission. We will not tolerate hate speech in any form, including words, content, or media that disparages or denigrates an individual or group based on race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, political group, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, medical condition, age, weight, immigration status, veteran status, or another similar characteristic. When discussing these topics please do so with great sensitivity and respect, and always consider how your words will be interpreted and felt by other people. If you post, promote, or spread hate speech on Eruditely in any form we will delete your account without reservation.

i. Treatment of Children and Minors

While we do not allow anyone on Eruditely under the age of thirteen (13), we care deeply about how children and minors are spoken of, referred to, and represented on our Platform. It is strictly forbidden to speak of, refer to, or represent a child or minor in any way that may bring harm to them, place a child or minor in danger, or otherwise be inappropriate when discussing or representing children or minors. Please use common sense when children and minors are the subject matter on Eruditely. If you see any activity on Eruditely regarding children or minors that is inappropriate or may bring harm to them, please notify us immediately at

j. Malicious or Illegal Activity

We do not tolerate and will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law any person(s) who attempts or carries out a malicious or illegal attack upon Eruditely and/or our administrative and technical infrastructure systems or third-party systems providers (“Eruditely Systems and Providers”) and/or our security systems and measures. There are many forms of malicious or illegal attacks, including but not limited to: introducing and spreading of computer viruses, malware, and other malicious software; attacking of network systems through denial of service and other methods; corruption of software and databases; theft of software, data, and intellectual property; illegally downloading and reverse engineering of intellectual property; circumvention of security systems and measures; testing and probing for security vulnerabilities without authorization; and illegally gaining access to and/or interfering with the operation of administrative and technical infrastructure systems or third-party systems providers.

4. Inappropriate and Offensive Content

We actively monitor Eruditely for all forms of inappropriate and offensive content and remove such content from the Platform with dispatch. Please be aware that we may remove any inappropriate and/or offensive content from the Platform at our sole discretion and without limitation. The content listed in the sections below includes all Member Content on the Platform in all possible formats (written, visual, and auditory).

a. Flagging Inappropriate Content

Eruditely is a large Platform, and in order to effectively monitor and moderate it, we need your help to report any instances of inappropriate content. We have therefore made it possible for all members to report any post (“Share”) or comment (“Contribution”) to us by flagging it as inappropriate. You can easily flag inappropriate content, including but not limited to, inappropriate/offensive content or language, inappropriate/offensive media, pornographic content, illegal content, trolling activity, spam or solicitation, copyright infringement, and trademark infringement.

We kindly ask that if you see such activity occurring on Eruditely that you report it to us with a flag. All submitted flags are carefully reviewed, and if a Share or Contribution receives beyond a certain number of flags, it will be automatically removed from the Platform until we have had a chance to officially review it.

To report inappropriate and offensive content please press the:
“Flag Inappropriate Content” button (for the specific Share or Contribution)

b. Pornography and Nudity

We do not allow overt or suggestive forms of pornography on Eruditely. This includes any content or media (ex. images, photos, videos, links, etc.) that show explicit sexual activity, fetishes, nude, or partially nude people in sexually suggestive poses. Nudity that exists in artistic, scientific, or educational contexts is generally acceptable, but is also subject to our approval. Such examples of acceptable nudity may include paintings, statues, artwork, content demonstrating breastfeeding, mastectomies, or other medical related images. Any images of nude children or minors is explicitly forbidden with the exception of infants. Please be aware that if you post any content that includes nudity of any kind, that we may choose to delete, modify, hide, or lower its ranking, to be determined at our sole discretion.

c. Exploitation

Any content that physically, sexually, or other exploits people is strictly forbidden, and we will report any such content to law enforcement when appropriate. There are many forms of exploitative content, including but not limited to, sexual services, escorts, prostitution, sex trafficking, sensual massages, undocumented labor, and child labor. We are extremely sensitive to any exploitation involving children and minors and will report any such activity to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, as well as to law enforcement.

d. Violence

Content that exists for the purpose(s) of inciting, spreading, promoting, or glorifying violence is strictly forbidden. There is a fine line between portraying occurrences of violence and violence in historical contexts and using such instances of violence to incite further violence. We are wise to this manipulative form of content and will delete it immediately upon discovery. It is permissible to portray acts of violence when reporting news, current events, or when in a historical context. However, when portraying violence under such circumstances you are required to do so in a responsible manner that does not further spread violence.

e. Organized Violence

We do not allow any content that is used to promote, perpetuate, or spread forms of organized violence or to support violent organizations, including but not limited to, terrorist organizations, organized crime groups, gangs, or cults. We will delete accounts belonging to any individual or group that is dedicated to harming others and/or causing violence to occur, whether directly or indirectly. We will collaborate with industry, government, and security experts to help us identify organized violence groups and shall report any such groups that we identify to law enforcement.

f. Self-Harm

It is not permissible to post content that displays, rationalizes, or encourages any form of self-harm, including but not limited to, suicide, self-injury, eating disorders, and substance abuse. This includes content with instructions and advice on how to harm yourself, or images portraying the tools and techniques to harm yourself. Any content mocking or disparaging people struggling with self-harm related issues will be deleted immediately. You may not post any content that directly shows another person(s) harming themselves (such as a video of a suicide). When speaking of self-harm related issues, please carefully consider how your words may influence another person struggling with that issue.

g. Accidental Harm or Death

We do not allow content that overtly portrays the accidental harm or death of any person(s). This is specifically targeted at overt media (photos, videos, audio, etc.) of a person(s) being harmed or killed. It is permissible to portray the harm or death of a person(s) as part of a news story or in a historical context, but not with any form of media directly showing the harm or death. When posting content that involves the harm or death of a person(s), please do so in a way that treats that person(s) with respect and dignity.

h. Hate Speech

Hate speech of any kind is expressly forbidden on Eruditely. This includes words, content, or media that disparages or denigrates an individual or group based on race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, political group, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, medical condition, age, weight, immigration status, veteran status, or another similar characteristic. When discussing these topics please do so with great sensitivity and respect, and always consider how your words will be interpreted and felt by other people. If you post, promote, or spread hate speech on Eruditely in any form we will delete your account without reservation.

i. Attacks on Individual People

Any content that singles out individual people for an attack or helps to identify them for an attack is strictly prohibited. Attacks come in many forms, including but not limited to, bullying, harassment, intimidation, threats (direct and implied), disparagement, mocking, hate speech, insulting language, extreme criticism, defamation, slander, and libel. You may not post any content that identifies the personal information (including contact information) of another person(s) without their express prior authorization, or that otherwise violates their rights to privacy. If you take any of these actions against another member or an individual in the public through Eruditely, we will delete your content, and when appropriate shall also delete your account.

j. Regulated Products

In order to protect you and keep our community safe we do not allow content that is used for the purpose of buying or selling of regulated products, including but not limited to, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, hazardous materials, and products made from endangered species. These types of regulated products can potentially harm the owner, the people around them, and the environment. Many countries have specialized laws, rules, and regulations that apply to these types of products, and we respect such laws. If you post content that is used to buy or sell regulated products, it will be removed, and when appropriate your account may be deleted.

k. Impersonation and Affiliation

We do not allow any content or accounts that are used to impersonate another person(s), or that mispresent their affiliation with any person(s), organization, or entity (whether intentionally or unintentionally). If your account and the content within it are used to express that you are a fan of, support, or admire another person(s), organization, or entity, you must make it perfectly clear that you are not affiliated with that person(s), organization, or entity. We will remove any content that we believe misleads or misrepresents the identity of the account owner, and when appropriate we shall delete offending accounts.

l. Misinformation and Propaganda

We do not allow and will not tolerate content, information, and advice, that intentionally or unintentionally promotes and/or spreads misinformation, propaganda, and disinformation campaigns. There are many forms of misinformation, propaganda, and disinformation campaigns, including but not limited to: false cures for terminal or chronic illnesses; advice against vaccinations; advice endangering public safety; denial of climate change; denial of well-established or proven science; sowing of doubts, confusion, fear, hate, and prejudice against protected and unprotected groups (hate speech); deceiving the public to influence laws, policies, politics, and elections; and making individuals, their families, and properties the targets of harassment or violence. We will not allow Eruditely to be subverted into the instrument of lies and misinformation, which are literally the opposite of the purpose of Eruditely and the intent of its founders. Any content that promotes and/or spreads misinformation, propaganda, or disinformation campaigns will be deleted immediately, and when appropriate we will delete the accounts belonging to such content.

m. Spam, Disruptive, and Manipulative Content

We do not tolerate any forms of spam, disruptive, or manipulative content, and shall take quick and decisive action to remove such content from the Platform and delete the accounts of offending members when appropriate. There are many forms of spam, disruptive, and manipulative content, including but not limited to: unsolicited commercial messages; keyword packing and manipulation; repetitive, duplicate, or fake posts; repetitive, duplicate, or fake comments; shell posts to increase traffic and other metrics; attempts to artificially increase views and other metrics; redirects, cloaking, and obfuscating link destinations; attempts to manipulate voting and ranking data; and misleading content or behavior such as deceptive design elements and pop-ups.

5. Quality of Content

Quality of content is one of the most important factors in making Eruditely a place of knowledge and learning. We depend upon members like yourself to create and publish intelligent, captivating, and well-crafted content that enriches the experience for everyone on the Platform. To help you create the best possible content and maximize your potential on Eruditely please follow these guidelines.

a. Focus and Objectivity

The simplest way to create successful Shares is to maintain focus on your particular topic. Remember that people are looking at your content because they want to learn about it or experience it. Whatever your content is about, keep it focused on that subject and avoid unrelated or unnecessary comments. It is also extremely important to maintain your objectivity at all times. Eruditely is a place of knowledge and learning, not personal stories and anecdotes. It is perfectly fine to express your personal opinions and make connections to your life when appropriate, but such comments should be kept to a minimum in order to maintain focus on your subject.

b. Facts Matter

To state the obvious, facts matter on a platform created specifically for the sharing of knowledge. Your Shares should always reflect accurate information and contain the facts. This is not a place for subjective opinions, hyperbole, inaccurate information, or misinformation. On the subject of misinformation, please read the “Misinformation and Propaganda” sub-section under the “Inappropriate and Offensive Content” section. When you craft your Shares, please make sure that the information you present is factual, truthful, accurate, and vetted. You are responsible for the quality of the information you share on Eruditely, and this includes its veracity. It is incumbent upon all of us to share only accurate information as this will affect everyone who sees it.

c. Avoid the Personal

Many people enjoy sharing personal aspects of their lives on social media, but this is not the focus of Eruditely. Unlike other social media platforms which focus on the subjective, Eruditely exists to focus on the objective. Eruditely is a place of knowledge and learning, which necessitates the sharing of impartial information. Please do not misunderstand, as there is nothing wrong with including your personal thoughts and opinions in your Shares. It is however very important to avoid focusing purely on aspects of your personal life. There is a fine line between sharing information you are passionate about and information that is purely personal. It is also possible to take elements from your personal life (such as photos from your latest vacation) and turn them into highly educational Shares. Like most things, the context is important, and we leave it up to you to avoid the personal and when appropriate turn it into erudite content.

d. Original Content

Original content is highly valued on Eruditely and will most likely earn higher rankings. The members of Eruditely are looking for original content that will serve to educate and inspire. We have provided you with a wide variety of Share formats to make it easy to create and publish original content. You can write scholarly articles, share interesting ideas, ask intriguing questions, show beautiful photos, share video or audio on any subject, and much more! No matter what format you choose for your Shares, sharing original content is the key to your success on Eruditely.

e. Categories and Topics

Every Share on Eruditely is organized into multiple categories and topics by the author at the time the Share is published. The categories and topics that you choose are extremely important for other members to be able to find your Shares in relevant searches. We have 50 pre-existing categories that you can choose from when publishing your Shares. These categories cover practically every possible subject (at a general level), and we recommend selecting no more than 5 of them per Share. The topics that you add to your Shares can either be created on the spot or chosen from existing topics created by other members. Please feel free to add as many topics as you feel are appropriate for your Shares so long as they are highly specific and targeted in nature.

f. Formatting and Inline Media

When crafting Shares please make good use of the formatting and inline media features that we provide. Our publisher makes it possible to create beautiful full-page articles, complete with inline media and a wide variety of design elements. As you type please notice the plus button at the start of every line which allows you to insert inline media like photos, videos, and links into the body of your Share. When you insert inline media, you can then click on it to further refine its design and layout. You can easily format any of your text content simply by highlighting it, which will reveal a menu with many options such as bold, block quote, link, table, list, header, alignment, and much more.

g. Spelling and Grammar

The simple things like spelling and grammar can make a big difference in how your content is perceived by others. You may have an absolutely brilliant Share, but it will not be taken seriously if it is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. Thankfully most web browsers today include a spell check function which makes it easy to identify spelling mistakes. We highly encourage you to proofread all of your Shares on Eruditely for both spelling and grammar. The extra few minutes this may take will pay off in higher rankings for your Shares.

6. Security and Account Access

We take security very seriously, and this includes yourself, all Eruditely members, and the Platform. While we are working hard to protect Eruditely and your account, there are many common sense steps that you can take to protect yourself. Please read the sections below for some of our recommendations.

To report security concerns please contact:

a. Reporting Security Concerns

Eruditely is a large Platform, and we therefore depend upon our members like you to report the suspicious things that they see. If you see any kind of suspicious, malicious, or illicit activity occurring on Eruditely then please report it to us immediately at Whether you see something in your own account, another member’s account, or in a more general location, please let us know about it so that we can take appropriate corrective measures.

b. Your Identity

When using Eruditely you are required to represent your identity truthfully and accurately. This means using your legal name in the Full Name field of your account. Please keep in mind that we never reveal your real name to other members of the Platform. If you are registering as a business or entity, you must use the legally incorporated name of your business or entity. It is strictly forbidden to impersonate another person(s), act as a business or entity without express prior authorization, or to create multiple accounts for the purpose of misrepresenting your identity.

c. Your Password

The security of your account starts with something as simple as your password. Eruditely employs a minimum password requirements system to help you choose a reasonably complex password. We highly encourage you to use a password unique to Eruditely, and to change your password on a regular basis. In the event you observe any strange behavior on your account that may indicate it has become compromised, we ask that you reset your password immediately to secure your account. If you are unable to reset your password for any reason, please notify us so that we can assist you in securing your account.

d. Login Credentials and Account Access

Please do not share any of your login credentials such as your Eruditely account username, email address, or password with any other person(s). If you must store your login credentials, please do so only in a safe and secure location. You may not use another member(s) login credentials to access their Eruditely account unless they have provided you with express prior authorization. It is strictly forbidden to sell access to your Eruditely account to another person(s) or to otherwise transfer your account features and/or content for compensation.

e. Personal and Private Information

We generally advise against storing of personal and/or private information in your Eruditely account, including your contact information. There is a private messaging system built into the Platform for other members to be able to reach out to you. If you make your contact information public in your Eruditely account, you do so at your own risk. You may not publicize another person(s) personal and/or private information on Eruditely without their express prior authorization. Please treat your Eruditely account no differently than any other place on the internet when it comes to your personal and private information, and exercise caution and sound judgement when revealing your information.

f. Eruditely Systems and Providers

Do not under any circumstances attempt to illegally gain access to or interfere with the operation of our administrative and technical infrastructure systems or third-party systems providers (“Eruditely Systems and Providers”). Any attempt to illegally gain access to or interfere with the operation of Eruditely Systems and Providers will be immediately reported to law enforcement and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

g. Eruditely Security Systems

It is forbidden to attempt to bypass or circumvent any of our security systems and measures, or to test and/or probe for possible vulnerabilities (without express prior written authorization) in our security systems and measures and/or Eruditely Systems and Providers. If you believe that you have detected a vulnerability in any of our systems by chance, then please report it to us immediately at

h. Eruditely Software

Under no circumstances should you attempt to illegally download and/or reverse engineer any of our software or Eruditely Intellectual Property. If you are found in possession of any of our software or Eruditely Intellectual Property without our express prior written authorization, you will be reported to law enforcement and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

7. Amendments

In the event that we amend these Community Guidelines we will post the changes directly to this page and shall update the revision date displayed at the top of this page. If any of our amendments materially affects how we treat your rights and privileges on Eruditely, we shall provide you with reasonable notice pursuant to our Terms of Service. If we are required by law to obtain your consent prior to making certain changes to these Community Guidelines, we shall first obtain your consent, and provide you with the opportunity to opt-out of the changes. Please be aware that any amendments made to these Community Guidelines are subject to the Amendments provision of our Terms of Service.

8. Contact Us

For questions pertaining to these Community Guidelines please contact:

For all other inquiries please contact:

Eruditely, Inc. is a Washington state corporation based in North Bend, WA.

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