11/1/19: This short article alongside other articles were written from the inspiration I’d gain from the images I’ve captured. I love to look deep into the world of the introspective being we all harbor, and writing my thoughts on the manner has been a great outlet to explore a deeper part of myself. I will be posting these articles in between my travel blogs, so sit back and enjoy. Thank you for your time and take care.

The imagination embedded within the light of consciousness is a landscape that defies the laws of nature. The boundaries we face within our plane of existence doesn’t play a role in each of our minds. We are the creators of an infrastructure that surpasses the limits of what is to what it can become. The vital importance of integrating the imagery we fabricate to the journey we pursue manifests a form of energy that surges the momentum required to reach our goals. The perception we each hold towards our imagination is unique in the manner that we approach our crafts differently, and the results manifest in a world that inspires our journeys beyond what we can create.

My youth consisted of investing an ample amount of my time channeling my attention to the getaways of my imagination as most young minds do. I opened my eyes to a world beyond the horizon facing me. My understanding of being raised in a societal landscape that exhibited little practice of stimulus towards venturing into one’s self has set boundaries I didn’t realize existed till I embarked in the next chapter of my life of adulthood. No one is to blame for these circumstances. The concept of internalizing the emotions felt from the excitement of experiencing one’s calling wasn’t conditioned within the upbringing generations ago. The light of consciousness began their existence in the course of life standardized from outside influences beyond their own. The potential threat is the input submitted to the entity that embodies an entirely different outlook for their journey. Time has slowly changed the formula exercised before, and in doing so, we let the light of imagination become an integral part of our personal growth.

The imagination of a living entity is one of the most critical assets we encompass. Imagination intices thoughts to flood the host’s mind, which then becomes an idea that requires action to enact the energy to take its course. Let the ideas flow through your headspace, let the spark of inspiration become a part of your life. For our journey to reach its destination, we must take the initiative to enable our core assets to become the priority they deserve to be. Believe in yourself and what you’re capable of producing. Let your imagination shine the light on the pathway to what you’re meant to become.

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