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Eruditely is a novel platform with an ambitious vision, to connect all people together around specific areas of knowledge and interest. Named after the word erudite, meaning having or showing great knowledge, Eruditely is designed to bring together people who possess knowledge with those who wish to acquire it. The entire platform is built with the ethos that “knowledge belongs to us all.” Unlike many other social media platforms which focus solely on the personal and subjective, Eruditely takes a fresh new approach to enrich the people of the world.

The founders of Eruditely imagined a powerful platform that was capable of containing information and media on all possible topics, and then intelligently connecting that information together with the right people. In order to realize that vision an innovative software design was created called a synergy system, which enables the platform to grow organically as members introduce new topics and areas of interest. Eruditely is in essence an infinite tree of knowledge that empowers its members by connecting together the branches of the tree. When browsing the platform, you are always presented with a highly relevant combination of topics, members, and content focused on a single area of knowledge.

Whether you’re an engineer, doctor, craftsman, artist, or musician, Eruditely makes it possible for you to inspire others in your area of expertise, and to become inspired by others. The possible applications for Eruditely are as endless as there are topics to discuss and art to experience. Central to the platform is a highly versatile publisher that enables members to create content in a wide variety of formats and media. You can write scholarly articles, share your latest ideas, display galleries of photos, present captivating videos and audio, and even ask questions from other members; all from within one seamless publishing system!

Browsing Eruditely is a visually elegant and feature rich experience, designed to present its members and their content both intelligently and intuitively. The platform makes use of a responsive masonry grid design that looks incredible no matter what size device you happen to be on. In the true tradition of design following function, every part of Eruditely has been meticulously crafted to achieve its core objective. As you navigate the platform it continuously presents you with relevant topics and members, encouraging you to dive deeper, to experience more, and to learn from and connect with others.

This is a platform built for all walks of life, all areas of knowledge, and all topics of interest. It is an optimistic and hopeful vision that the world is a better place when we share what we know and connect with others. There are no limits when we open ourselves to the world around us, and Eruditely aspires to be that road that connects us all!

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