I started speaking out about this issue 20 years ago, and encountered nothing but sheer ignorance and shaming for even bringing it up. I’ve always said that forced circumcision of infants (no matter what their sex) is a violation of basic human rights. Every human deserves the right to an intact body. There should be no exceptions to this (except in rare cases of medical necessity).

There is a real double standard in the United States regarding circumcision, both legally and culturally. If it’s performed on a female, it is considered immoral and disgusting, but for males it is perfectly acceptable. The immorality of this has always been obvious to me, but I stopped speaking about this long ago because of people’s attitudes (very similar to the woman’s dismissive attitude in this video). I should mention that I grew up in a Jewish home, where it was even more taboo to question this barbaric ritual.

This is a very simple matter. My body = my rights! I applaud Joe Rogan for having the courage to call this out when it came up in conversation. This is an important topic, and we should be speaking about it openly, without fear, embarrassment, or shame. Perhaps things are finally starting to change in this country, and perhaps I can once again find the courage to speak out about this human rights issue.

Thank you Joe Rogan for using your platform to defend our rights to our bodies!


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