11/18/19: This short article alongside other articles were written from the inspiration I’d gain from the images I’ve captured. I love to look deep into the world of the introspective being we all harbor, and writing my thoughts on the manner has been a great outlet to explore a deeper part of myself. I will be posting these articles in between my travel blogs, so sit back and enjoy. Thank you for your time and take care.

It’s remarkable how far a vision can progress in the course of time. The exponential growth that occurs when a subconscious thought comes to life within our plane of existence. As the light of consciousness harbors the structural assets to create its purpose, the story that unfolds becomes one of many legacies that’ll exist for as long as we continue to explore the unknown horizons. What seems insignificant at first glance to some can become the life-long journey for someone else.

I can recall a time where I needed to create an interpretation of the noises that were circulating in my mind. I felt a need to express internal signals and translate them into the world. I didn’t have the necessary skillsets to manipulate matter from what I envisioned, but I knew if I invested time and focus on my craft, there was the possibility of attaining momentum towards my intentions. That became a slow and steady reality as time and progression created the knowledge and framework for my newly acquired skillsets. As increased growth-filled my perception of what I could accomplish, my creative entity developed a receptive intuition to other potential ventures I could take on. My curiosity about pushing the thresholds of my capabilities captivated my senses where I couldn’t ignore it anymore. The junctures I’ve surpassed from that initial thought from where I started have created me to the individual I am today.

Let your imagination become the catalyst to create the vision that’ll inspire you to conceive the path you want to pursue. When it comes to the finite amount of time to accomplish opportunities within our plane of existence, there’s very little room for resistance to make an impact on your overall state of consciousness. Enable the energy within you to instigate the charge required to accelerate momentum on your journey. Mistakes will be made within the judgment calls you to result on, but let it become a lesson, an opportunity for your intentions to recognize the repercussion of your decision and allow it to become a lesson for future endeavors to come. Your ambitions are waiting to be discovered, acknowledge it’s calling and plant the seed now so you can watch it flourish to an entity that you can be proud of.

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